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TAPAS Call To artists

 TAPAS artist working with student at Asheville Middle School

TAPAS artist working with student at Asheville Middle School


Call to Artists- Request for Applicants October 24th-December 4th

The Asheville City Schools Foundation (ACSF) is requesting applications from Asheville area artists for an arts-integration program in its 7th year. This program has successfully connected artists with classroom teachers and students for the benefit of all. Please review the details below to understand the needs and expectations of this program. This is not a full-time position. Artists are responsible for connecting with teachers and co-writing grants for residencies through the ACSF. TAPAS artists are given exposure through a catalog that goes out annually to teachers. All artists are required to take a training and shadow a veteran TAPAS artist before being able to apply for a residency. The director of TAPAS is available to offer support year round. Instructions for applying are at the end of this document.

TAPAS (Teaching Artists Presenting in Asheville Schools) is a program of the Asheville City Schools Foundation to implement high quality artist residencies, promote and communicate the work of local artists, and meaningfully integrate visual and craft arts, performing and creative writing experiences into core curriculum in preschool–12th grade classrooms in the Asheville City Schools. This program successfully overcomes two barriers to providing inclusive, high quality arts education; TAPAS creates economic and career enhancing opportunities to talented local artists who are able to provide residencies to teachers and their students, and eliminates poverty as a deterrent to participation in our vibrant arts scene.

All students can be reached through the arts, and many students who cannot otherwise be inspired, can be touched by opportunities to learn about and create art. In a community filled with great artists, our classrooms should be filled with the artistry for which Asheville is known, and every student should have access to learning with artists.

TAPAS is committed to ensuring that students receive culturally expansive as well as artistic experiences. We are currently offering preference to artists of color. Studies show, when students of color have teachers that look like them and come from similar backgrounds, they are more engaged in school, perform better on tests and homework, and attend school more consistently. In a 2016 brief by the Department of Education, Education Secretary John B. King, Jr. stated while speaking at Howard University that “We have strong evidence that students of color benefit from having teachers and leaders who look like them as role models and also benefit from the classroom dynamics that diversity creates. But it is also important for our white students to see teachers of color in leadership roles in their classrooms and communities.”

TAPAS provides to our community:

  • Excellent hourly pay for working artists

  • Professional growth for artists interested in arts education

  • Community support and advertising for TAPAS artists

  • Creative insight for teachers

  • Differentiated learning for struggling students

  • Expanded awareness of creative professions

  • Integration of a diverse artist community into a diverse student body

TAPAS Artists are expected to:

  • Have previous experience in art education.

  • Have social skills appropriate for working with children and young adults.

  • Understand Arts Integration through experience or formal study.

  • Knowledge of how to access NC Standards for Education.

  • Capable of being on time and prepared to be flexible with teacher needs.

  • Stay within budget for time and materials.

Timeline, Budget and Payment:

  • Each grant is subject to a budget that includes the artist’s time and materials.

  • Residencies pay $55/hour for a maximum of 3 hours a day, $160.

  • The average residency is between 3-7 days and occur during school time, 8:00AM-2:20PM.

  • Artists are generally awarded 1-2 residencies per year.

  • The TAPAS roster is evaluated annually to ensure quality is being maintained.

  • Artists must invoice at the end of their residency and complete a report to receive payment.

  • Materials costs are generally reimbursed unless approved by ACSF to be paid for in advance.

  • Payment for residencies come directly from the ACSF and are mailed to the artist's home address.

Application Requirements:
Please email to Miranda Musiker your Resume or CV, an artist statement of intent, detailed concept for an arts-integration residency that includes grades and NC standards connections, and general availability. Applications are due December 4th, 2017.


Miranda Musiker

Director of Teacher Grants and Student Scholarships

Asheville City Schools Foundation


The mission of the ACSF is to implement bold strategies, fund big ideas, and engage the community to increase excellence with equity for all children in our schools.

For 30 years ACSF, with support from the community, has assessed needs and supported teachers and students of the Asheville City Schools with funding for teacher grants and student scholarships, mobilizing community engagement to advocate for public education, after-school programs, and recruiting volunteers and mentors for students.