Scholarship FAQ's

What is the process for ACSF Student Scholarships?

We have one application for all scholarships. The application is online and only available in that format. The application process will open December 1st and all applications will be due on March 6th. 

In November, look for posters at school with reminders of when the scholarship application will be open. A link to the application will be included in all advertising, as well as available on this page of our website. 

How are scholarship awardees determined?

Two committees made up of 5 members each are carefully selected each year. We select from a diverse pool of retired teachers, active community members, college professors, ACS administrators and ACSF board members. The committee reviews all applications, reads the essays and interviews the final round of eligible students. Together they choose which students are most aligned with each scholarship.

When will my family and I find out if I have received a scholarship?

There are two rounds of scholarship selection. In March the committee reads all applications and essays. The top 35 students are selected for interviews. The student is sent a letter and email notifying them if they have received an interview to be considered for a scholarship. After the interview, held in late April, the student and their family are notified that they have received a scholarship by the beginning of May, but do not know what scholarship(s) they have been awarded until the Asheville High/SILSA Awards Night in May. This year it will be held on May 21st.

Students are required to write a thank you letter to the family they are receiving their scholarship from before their funds are disbursed to their school.


Rebecca Abide
Development Associate and Student Scholarship Coordinator