the listening project live


At the Asheville City Schools Foundation, we believe that strong
public schools are an essential part of breaking the cycle of poverty, dismantling structural racism, and sustaining our democracy. We uphold the value of each student and believe that we have a specific responsibility to increase racial equity in our schools. We envision a day when all children in the Asheville City Schools discover their unique talents and dreams, fulfill their potential, and our district shines as a national model of excellence with equity.

This event is our annual fundraiser as well as an opportunity for our students to connect with and learn from a dynamic leader of color. Last year's event featured Nikole Hannah-Jones and was a provocative evening focused on the re-segregation of our public schools. This year we would like to lift up the voices of our youth through work-shopping and through our poetry/ spoken word event at UNCA. Our topic is race, gentrification and home.