Our mission is to implement bold strategies, fund big ideas, and engage the community to increase excellence with equity for all children in our schools. 


Founded in 1988 by concerned parents and community leaders, the Asheville City Schools Foundation champions strong public schools in Asheville through advocacy, grantmaking, after-school programming and parent and community engagement. Since 2000, the Foundation has provided over $800,000 to projects that directly support the students and educators in our schools and over $1 million to students through scholarships. 

We believe that public education is a vital part of a successful democracy and a key element in breaking the cycle of poverty. We are committed to supporting excellence and innovation in teaching and ensuring the success of every student. These outcomes are only achieved when parents and the community are engaged in schools, therefore we strive to involve community voices and apply community resources in our schools.

Ensuring equal opportunities and access to education for all students is central to the mission of the Asheville City Schools Foundation. Raising financial support for scholarships, funding of after-school enrichment, emergency assistance for families, and our educator grants programs from a broad spectrum of supporters is essential to our success.