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Overview & Purpose

The Asheville City Schools Foundation, ACS, and Asheville High School have partnered to embark on a year long investigation of school culture from the perspective of the students. The method used is known as a Listening Project. A committee of 20+ community members, students, teachers, business partners, and local law enforcement will work in groups to organize, recruit both listeners and interviewees, and implement and evaluate the Listening Project from start to finish. Volunteers from the community will be trained to actively listen to student opinions and concerns about the culture at Asheville High School. The interview responses will be used to create an action plan for changes to be implemented the following year.


  • Give students an opportunity to be engaged in change and share their voice
  • Gain insight to student perception and ideas for solutions
  • Address strengths and needs for school culture improvement
  • Inform a strategic action plan with students and school staff input


September: Steering committees assigned and begin work
October: Listeners are recruited
December: Interview students
March/April: Community Listening Group Event
May: Create report of recommendations and implementation
June/July: Recommendations shared with staff
August/September: Implementation begins



Listeners are needed for this project. There will be training for listeners to ensure
consistency in the process and allow the students to share openly. If you are interested in being a listener please contact Miranda Musiker or Kyle Kett.

Will my voice be heard?

Yes. After the student interviews are assessed, there will be an opportunity where
teachers, students and community members can all voice their experiences and
opinions through a facilitated group listening process.



To find out more about past Listening Projects and how the process works: