Asheville Primary School


Asheville Primary received an ACSF TAPAS grant to work with local artist Dustin Spagnola to create murals on the exterior of the building.  The large concrete wall in the parking lot is featuring portraits of two APS students, one preschooler and one Lower Elementary student. 

Additional murals will be added to the concrete pillars at the front entrance to the school. Lower Elementary students will learn concepts related to Native American art and culture, including the medicine wheel color palette. The pillars will be painted to represent N, S, E, and W as a way of signifying the unity of Asheville on our campus.  In Art, students will use metal insets to select a pattern to paint on the bottom of each pillar, also connecting the metal insets to their school Montessori culture.

Students will learn about local Native American tribes and the impact of symbology on their culture, while reflecting on the patterns and symbols in their own community.  Students will gain exposure to a local working artist, learning how art impacts community - including the importance of seeing familiar faces in local art.

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