Want to make a difference? 

IRL is committed to supporting and empowering service providers to offer fun and authentic programs. Above all else, we value positive role models who are intentional about building relationships with children. We are going to ask every child, "Who is an adult that cares about you and what is an exciting thing you do together?" Service providers have an incredible capacity to make a difference. In Real Life embraces Fun. Love. Growth. Safety. Collaboration. We hope you will join us - the children need you! Want to join the IRL network? 

More on Social emotional learning For Providers 

Service Providers are the experts and direct service providers in the IRL Network. Providers bring their passion, time, and talent to create high-quality, hands-on experiences for all students.  The IRL Network coordinates all the logistics and supports for you to lead the program you envision. To maximize the impact of all programs, IRL has a program-wide Social-Emotional Learning Framework. All providers in the network are trained on the best practices of youth Social-Emotional development. The Real Skills for Real Life framework offers providers flexibility with program design and facilitating Social Emotional strategies. 


For more information please contact:

Tiffany Flunory De'Bellott 
Program Director
828 - 350 - 6270

In Real Life would not be possible if it weren't for committed individuals and organizations in our community willing to provide creative, high quality, and safe programming for middle school students. Thank you to all our partners!