Honor Roll for Local Schools

ACSF's network of support provides essential resources to ensure program delivery.  Our most sincere gratitude goes to the following list of generous donors:   


Valedictorian Award

Bruce and Jean Larson
Kern Parker and Betsy Wilson
Adam Reed
Brooks Sizemore
Unitarian Universalist Church Of Asheville
Winfield and Margaret Word-Sims

Salutatorian Award

Bob and Carol Deutsch
Michael Driscoll
Richard and Bridget Eckerd
Mary Powell
Mitch and Betsey Russell
William and Martha Scarborough
Ted and Terry Van Duyn


Superintendent Award

Bill and Patricia Bastian
Marie Bauer
Dr. Keith Black
Bill and Shelagh Byrne
Sarah Cain
Pamela Clarkson
Claxton Elementary PTO
Toby and Patricia Cole
Crossfit Pisgah
Robert and Peggy Dalman
Walter and Sheneen Daniels
Kim Dechant
Vincent Floriani and Kate Pett
Benjamin Gilmer and Deirdre Smith Gilmer
Gordon and Susan Grant
Melvin and Naomi Hines
Bruce & Jo Ikelheimer
William and Tara Irby
Henri Kieffer and Ann Batchelder

Charles Krekelberg and Aimee Ellingsen
Bill and Gretchen Leatherwood
Mark and Christine Lenderman
Lenoir Medlock
Brian Newport
North Carolina Retired School Personnel
Marc and Susan Propst
Jimi and Dawn Rentz
Marc Rudow and Deborah Miles
Tiece Ruffin
Jason and Amy Sheeler
Brent Skidmore and Cheryl Hemmer
April Spencer
Eating Asheville
Virgil and Nancy Thrash
Ruth Vann
Dianne Ward
Scott White and Missy Sherburne
Charles and Diane Whitehead


Principal's List

Frankie and Julie Adkins
Steve Agan and Michelle Bedard
Carrie Allen
Erica Bell
John Bell and Judy Whisnant
Peter Billingsley
Joyce and Andy Brown
Jim Canavan and Mary Grant
Andrew Cistola
Tadd and Pamela Clarkson
Steve and Jean Corliss
Tom and Cathi Durham
Derek and Amanda Edwards
Marshall and Heidi Fields
Futch Foundation
Bob and Judy Garrison
Melissa Hedt
Eva Hericks-Bares
Greg and Audra Holden
Dave and Sonia Humphrey
David Hurand and Martha Salyers
Ed Isbey
Sean and Nateesha Johnson
James and Tricia Johnson
Wesley Jones
William and Jill Jones
The Junction
Daniel and Lisa Kayser
Stephanie Keach
Amy Kelso
Geoff and Fran Kemmish
Dan Knechtel and Hilary Garrison
Jeffrey Konz

Dan Knechtel and Hilary Garrison
Jeffrey Konz
Gayle Mair
Holly Martin
James and Elizabeth Michalets
Mojo Kitchen & Lounge
Eva Morgenstern
David Nash and Virginia Duquet
Brant and Sara Niedenthal
Rob and Sophie O'Halloran
Fred and Harli Palme
Frank Patton, III and Susan Reiser
Gary and Molly Peeples
Allen and Caroline Proctor
Karl and Julie Ruch
Kevin Saum
Isaac Savage and Adrienne Bell
Douglas and Bonnie Scothorn
Bobbie Short
Glen Shults and Linda Vespereny
Rene and Julia Shuster
Kevin and Darcy Sisson
Steven Solnick and Maeve O'Connor
Peter Sprague
Jared Swenson
Paul and Angela Taylor
Alan and Sarah Thornburg
David and Denise Turner
Joe and Lesley Urgo
Vance Elementary PTO
Brian and Barbara Weinkle
Roberta Wells
Henri Kieffer and Ann Batchelder


Teacher’s Society

Patrick Adell
Paul and Ruth Ahearne
Marta Alcala-Williams
Asheville High School
Shannon Baggett
Chip and Susie Bell
Jon and Gail Bellows
Michael and Judith Bohan
Lauren Bradley
Brickstack Architects
J Dean Brock
Philip and Donna Brown
Cynthia Byron
James Cassara
Reid Chapman and Cathy Cleary
Adrienne Clark
Laura Collins
Mike Congleton and Lisa Gaye Hall
Erin Connors
Rod and Sheri Daniels
David Michael Danley and Alida Woods
Steven Davis
Elinor Earle
William Eilers
Erie Insurance Group
Mark Essig and Melissa Cole Essig
Anne Ferguson
Daniel Fertel and Kristina De Los Santos
Shannon Fields
Johanna Finkelstein
John and Kathryn Fleer
Randy and Elizabeth Fluharty
Scott Fowler
Jake Frankel
Christine Garvin
Andrew Goldberg and Joanne O'Sullivan
Jeremy and Heather Goldstein
Holly Gregg
Tim and Leslie Grotenhuis
Darryl Hansome
Robert and Patricia Harmon
Mike Hawks
Steve and Kim Heiselman
Donald and Kathleen Herbert
Scott and Colleen Hicks
Kimberly Hill
William and Amy Hornaday
Scott and Ginger Huebner
Jerome Hughes
Shannon Hunt
Elizabeth Hunter
Blair Johnston
Holly Jones
Stephanie Keever
David Kemper and Angela Chiles Kemper
Lemuel and Laura Kirby
Kenneth and Janice Kubitschek
Cameron Kurowski and Holly Musgrove
Jo Landreth
Roberta Lipe

William and Theresa Mance, Jr.
Mark and Kimberly Mason
Deborah Maugans
John Menkes and Honor Moor
Dawn Meskil
Kate Millar
Heather Miracle
Tamiko A. Murray
Ian Nelson and Sarah McMillan
Erik and Karen Ostergaard
Mary Palmatier
Kenneth Patterson and Cathy Kramer
Astrid Pauly
Amy Penland
Tim Plaut and Robyn Latessa
Allen and Christy Ramm
Brian Randall
Glenn Ratcliff and Terri Wells
Rachel Reeser
Terry and Sarah Reincke
Josh and Karen Rigsby
David and Wanda Robinson
Elizabeth Rogers
Roots + Wings School Of Art's
Hal and Wight Scheulke
Cynthia Sellinger
Jo Anne Setzer
Dan Shaw and Natalie Kramer
Douglas and Claudia Sherry
Judith Shuster
Rhonda Sizemore
Sonny and Betty Skidmore
Steven Slack
Paul Smith and Judy Futch
Juanita Smith
Gerald and Jill Smith
Jay and Nita Smith
Mairead Smitka
Nelson and Gail Sobel
Gina Sprouse
Joshua Stack
Laura Stone
Jacqueline Taylor
Jeff and Julie Thomas
Alan Tilson and Charlotte Bernard
Angela Trail
William Vancleve
Jesse Warren
Sharon West
Craig White and Sasha Vrtunski
Nettie Marie White
Amy Wiesner
Katie Williams
Hayden Wilson
Gwen Wisler
Monty Wooten and Cheryl Deyton
James Yamada and Lisa Smith
William and Kelly Yeiser
Harriet Zaidberg


Honor Roll

Jamie Allbach
Emilio and Kathryn Ancaya
Jeffrey Andrews
Victoria Angelotti
Ken Banks
Gene Bell
Hilary Biggar
Leslie Blaich
Mary-Ann Bolton
Norma Bradley
CJ Breland
Brewgasm, LLC
Richard Bromund and Virginia Pett
Chad and Marissa Brooks
Zachary Brown
Carrie Buchanan
Larry Burke
Brooks Butler
Matthew and Elizabeth Buys
Levette Campbell
Mary Carney
Jessica Carson
Teresa Carter
Elaine Carter
May Castelloe
Angela Cathart
Christine Cicotello
Jeffrey and Kristy Coats
Rebecca Cobbledick
Carleton and Celeste Collins
Daniel and Meredith Comer
Sim and Liz Cozart
Carlton and Carol Craig
Camille CushmanStephanie Cyrus
Lucia Daugherty
William Davenport
Natalie Davis
Emma Dechant
Ximena Del Corral Smith
Polk Deters and Sarah Ashworth
Steve Di Giovanni and Carrie Rabuck Di Giovanni
April Dockery
Richard Duncan
Christal Dunn
Lois Ebey
Pamela Ertzberger
Gaelyn Evangreene
Patti Evans-Shumate
Meghan Ewanyk
Sophie Ferguson
Leah Ferguson
Scott Fisher
Anne Fitten-Glenn
Jennifer Fowler
Sterling Gardner
Peggy Genova
Kirby Gibson
Lonnie and Gloria Gilliam
Charlie and Patricia Glazener
Carol Goins
Lyman and Michele Gregory
Willis and Rhoda Groce
Barbara Groome
Victoria Hall
Julia Haman
Velma Hamilton
Kathryn Hardy
Nick Haskell and Alexandria Birk
Annie Hawes
Mary Hay
Carlye Hendershot
Christopher and Kim Holt
Joy Inabenette
Susan Jayne
Jewish Community Center Of Asheville
Tiffanee Jones
Julie Judkins
Anuradha Kanakamedala
Seetaramaiah Kanakamedala
Sarah Jane Onanian Keith
Mary Kingston
Heidi Kixmiller
Edward & Christine Kizer
Thomas and Diane Knoebber

David Kotchmar
Robert and Sonja Kun
Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl
Laura Lane
Michele Lemell
Gerry Leonard
Veronica Lepa
Panel Lewis
Kathleen Locke
Megaan Lorenzen
Jerelene Lutz
David Luzum and Jennifer Manner
Charles and Elizabeth Mahan
Luz Maldonado
Magnus and Allison Mangkang
Jason Marlin and Deborah Rowan
Kathryn Marth
Terrence McAllister
Melody Mcgarrahan
Jeanne McGowan
Sheila McKeon
Mara McLaughlin-Taylor
Rebecca Mericle
Sara Monson
Merritt and Madeline Moseley
Eugene Murphy
Miranda Musiker
Brownie and Elizabeth Newman
Sarah Nie
Jennifer Park
Laura Parks
Timothy and Judith Phelan
Jesse Pitt
Noah and Cydney Pitts
Kenneth and Julie Porter-Shirley
King and Pam Prather
Tanya Presha
Tim Proctor
Keena Proctor
Revolution From Home
Jackie Robertson
Kim Robinson
Leisa Rundquist
Jason Russ
David Salonius
Vicki Schenter
Amanda Schoonover
Robert and Georgia Shannon
Allen Singleton and Cassie Whiteside
Lisa Smith
Marvin Smith and Susan Dockery
Samuel Speciale and Linda Smathers
Viola Spells
Donna Stafford
Sara Stender
Debra Stewart
Michele Stratta
Mary Margaret Sullivan
Marti Sullivan
Sandra Tarantino
John and Heather Templeton
Jennifer Thomas
Christie Tongier
Cherri Torres
Bryan Totten
Greg and Shannon Townsend
Angela Trantham
Ann Turner
Roger Tweed
Kenneth Walker
Dizy Walton and Sarah Thach
Gail Ward
Raynetta Waters
Larry Weiss and Debra Cooper
Laura Westbrook
Mary Whatley
Mark and Jennifer Whipple
Kate White
Yetta F Williams
Ryan Williams
Anthony and Jewell Wilson
Tracie Wilson
Sharon Wrenn
Terry Wright
Jane Yokoyama


*This list reflects individual and foundation donors during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

**If your name has been inadvertently left off this list or a correction needs to be made, please contact acsf@acsf.org to help us update our records.