Honor Roll for Local Schools

ACSF's network of support provides essential resources to ensure program delivery.  Our most sincere gratitude goes to the following list of generous donors:   


James and Diane Abbott

Ken and Jennifer Abbott

Joshua Abrams and Sabrina Thomas

Mark Ackerman

Joel and Marla Adams

Steve Agan and Michelle Bedard

Marta Alcala-Williams

Mary Aldridge

Rebecca Aldridge

William and Roberta Allen

Carrie Allen

Diane Amos

Emilio and Kathryn Ancaya

Ann Anderson

Jeffrey Andrews

Shiner Antiorio

Valerie Aper

Tommy and Gene Arnold

Shannon Baggett

Harold and Pearl Bailey

Rod and Bess Baird

Pamela Baldwin

Lance Ball and Kathryn Langwell

Brian Ballenger

Sara Basile

Marie Bauer

Erica Bell

Charlotte Bernard

Brad and Shelley Blackburn

Michael Blackburn

Leslie Blaich

Michael and Judith Bohan

Mary Ann Bolton

Russ and Ann Bordeau

Charlton Bradsher and LeNoir Medlock

Barton Brass and Michelle McCalla

Cynthia Breland

J. Dean Brock

Richard Bromund and Virginia Pett

Chad and Marissa Brooks

Zachary and Amy Brown

Philip and Donna Brown

Carrie Buchanan

James and Mary Buckner

Robert and Glenaa Burgin

Brooks Butler

David Byers

Bill and Shelagh Byrne

Cynthia Byron

Christopher and Katie Campbell

Nancy Carter

James Cassara

May Castelloe

Angie Cathcart

Reid Chapman and Cathy Cleary

Christine Cicotello

Andrew Cistola

Bill Clark

David Clements and Evan Richardson

Mark Cobb and Linda Alfredson

Rebecca Cobbledick

MargEva Cole

James Colie

Laura Collins

Daniel and Meredith Comer

Steve and Jean Corliss

Sim and Liz Cozart

Kristin Cozza

Carlton and Carol Craig

Veronica Crane-Lindsey

Carol Culler

Allen Currens and Louise Anderson

Katie Dalton

Walter and Sheneen Daniels

Shavonne Darity

William Davenport

Steven Davis

Kim Dechant

Scott and Karen Dedman

Ximena Del Corral Smith

Brent and April Delac

Francois and Rosamund Delori

Leonidas Deters

Polk Deters and Sarah Ashworth

Bob and Carol Deutsch

Kristin Doe

Jennifer Doherty

Henry and Kalani Dozier

Ted and Amani Duncan

Virginia Duquet and David Nash

Steve and Sandra Dykes

Elinor Earle

Lois Ebey

Richard and Bridget Eckerd

Scott Engels

Mary Lynn English

Susan Engstrom

Gaelyn Evangreene

Patti Evans-Shumate

Leah Ferguson

David Fertel and Kristina De Los Santos

Mary Hahn Fetter

Bradley and Maureen Feuston

Shannon Fields

Heidi Fields

Johanna Finkelstein

Marjorie Locke

Kathleen Locke

Emily Lower

Rich and Kelly Lytle

Lori Maccarrone

Doug and Kelly MacMillan

Charles and Elizabeth Mahan

Gayle Mair

William and Theresa Mance

Kora Manheimer

Kate Martin

Debby Maugans

Landry Mayeux

Julie Mayfield

Rob Mays

Terrence McAllister

Susan McBride

Raymond and Susan McClinton

Mary McCormick

Harry McDaniel and Gail Wallace

Ilka McDowell

Melody Mcgarrahan

Claude McIntosh

Carlos McMahan and Judy Angel

Duncan McPherson

Mary Kathryn Meinert

Matthew Menne

Nathan and Jessica Merchant

Rebecca Mericle

Dawn Meskil

Heather Miracle

Alexandria Mitchell

Sara Monson

Stephanie Monson

Eva Morgenstern

Merritt and Madeline Moseley

Alan and Alesia Mullis

Eugene Murphy

Tamiko Ambrose Murray

Lawrence and Wendy Nadel

Brian Newport

Cathy Nichols

Brant and Sara Niedenthal

Robert Orr

Erik and Karen Ostergaard

Mary Palmatier

Fred and Harli Palme

Hannah Palmer

Jennifer Park

Kern Parker and Betsy Wilson

Laura Parks

Bradley Patterson

Sunita Patterson

Frank Patton and Susan Reiser

Pam Pauly

Robin Payne

Elizabeth Peeler

Molly Peeples

Amy Penland

Timothy and Judith Phelan

Jesse Pitt

Kenneth and Julie Porter-Shirley

Angela Poss

Brian and Amy Powchak

Mary Powell

Michael and Susan Presson

Richard and Joann Preston

Janet Price-Ferrell

Juliana Proctor

Keena Proctor

Marc and Susan Propst

Judith Putnam

Elizabeth Quinn

Allen and Christy Ramm

Brian and Lauren Randall

Mary Elizabeth Ray

Adam Reed

Terry and Sarah Reincke

Andrew Reisinger

Jimi and Dawn Rentz

Kari Richmond

Joanne Robert

Nick Roberts

Ariel Robinson

Elizabeth Rogers

Richard and Judith Rosenberg

Scott Rosenblum

Chuck and Joanne Rosenblum

Deborah Rowan and Jason Marlin

Karl and Julie Ruch

Steve and Copland Rudolph

Marc Rudow and Deborah Miles

Tiece Ruffin

Theron and Sandra Rumsey

Danielle Ruppel

Nancy Ruppert

Mitch and Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth Russo

Elizabeth Ryburn

Todd Safferstone

David Sales

James Samsel and Kim McGuire

Antonion and Maria Sanchez

Chantal Saunders

Isaac Savage and Adrienne Bell

Scott Fisher

John and Kathryn Fleer

Carol Floriani

Vincent Floriani and Kate Pett

Jennifer Fowler

Savanah Forsythe

Catherine Frank

Brian Friel

Jill Fromewick

Julie Furdyna

Judy Futch

Jennifer Gallivan

Bob and Judy Garrison

Paul and Lisle Garrity

Martha Geitner

Peggy Genova

Dena Gettleman

David and Subala Gillette

Benjamin and Deirdre Gilmer

Kerri Glover

Norris Going and Cheryl Kotecki

Jeremy and Heather Goldstein

Jeffrey and Dianna Goodman

Randee Goodstadt

Norman and Deborah Graham

Gordon and Susan Grant

Holly Gregg

Lyman and Michele Gregory

Jennifer Griffin

Willis and Rhoda Groce

Fred and Cindy Groce

Greg Hall

Neil and Betty Hall

Pat Hall

Jacquelyn Hallum

Julia Haman

Tim and Sue Hanlon

Caryn Hanna

Sam and Robin Harben

Kathryn Hardy

Ashley Hathaway

Jerome Hay and Judith Beck

Mary Hay

William and Barbara Haynes

Melissa Hedt

Steve and Kim Heiselman

George Ward Hendon

Travis Herbert

Kimberly Hill

Melvin and Naomi Hines

Hardy Holland and John Moody

Alesia Hollis

Cynthia Holman

Christopher and Kim Holt

Joe Hooten

William and Amy Hornaday

Steven Howard and Naomi Palmer

Jerome Hughes

Marc Hunt and Catherine Potts

Shannon Hunt

David Hurand and Martha Salyers

Gregory and Nancy Hutchins

Bruce and Jo Ikelheimer

Joy Inabinette

Ed Isbey

Morgan Jackson

Jay and Marlene Jacoby

Delena Jay

Susan Jayne

Sybil Jefferson

Laurel Jernigan

Lisa Johnson

James and Tricia Johnson

Teesha Johnson

Blair Johnston

Renee Jolly

Tiffanee Jones

Bob Jones and Holly Falls

Miriam Joy

Jennifer Kalen

Seetaramaiah and Anuradha Kanakamedala

Leah Karpen

Carolyn Kayne

Daniel and Lisa Kayser

Stephanie Keever

Henri Keiffer and Ann Batchelder

Terry Kelley

Geoff and Fran Kemmish

David and Angela Kemper

Dennis and Jan King

Edward and Christine Kizer

Jeffrey Konz

Carol Kozak

Charles Krekelberg and Aimee Ellingson

Kenneth and Janice Kubitschek

Libby Kyles

Jo Landreth

Laura Lane

Bruce and Jean Larson

Bill and Gretchen Leatherwood

Karen Leininger

Mark and Christine Lenderman

Panel Lewis

Tasha Lewis

Roberta Lipe

Jeromy Lively

William and Martha Scarborough

Alison Scheiner-Dendy

Amanda Schoonover

David and Alison Schuetze

Jodi Schwab

Douglas Scothorn

William Sederberg

Cynthia Sellinger

Monica Sety

Stephanie and Graham Sharp

Jason and Amy Sheeler

Raymond and Kate Shem

Luke Shofestall

Sally Shore

Bobbie Short

Lisa Shugoll

Rene and Julia Shuster

Muriel Siddall

Marshall and Michelle Siler

Allen Singleton and Cassie Whiteside

Kevin and Darcy Sisson

Rhonda Sizemore

Brooks Sizemore

Brent Skidmore and Cheryl Hemmer

Martha Smith

Lisa Marie Smith

Gerald and Jill Smith

Paul Smith and Judy Futch

Rebecca Smith

Virgil Smith

Ben Spangler

Samuel Speciale and Linda Smathers

April Spencer

Sally Spiegel

Peter Sprague

Gina Sprouse

Donna Stafford

O.E. Starnes

Debra Stewart

John Stewart

Joel Stewart

Michele Stratta

Gary and Anne Strickland

Charlotte Sullivan

Marti Sullivan

Patrick and Margaret Sullivan

Amanda Swartzlander

Deborah Sweeney

Michele Taylor

Jacqueline Taylor

Paul and Angela Taylor

Alan and Sarah Thornburg

Virgil and Nancy Thrash

Cherri Torres

Scott Tower

Russell and Laurie Towers

Angela Trantham

Elisabeth Turner

Ted and Terry Van Duyn

William Vancleve

John Vankat

Eleanor Vaughn

Greg and Susan Walker-Wilson

Jesse Warren

Sara Warzecka

Elizabeth Weaver

Jean Webb

Brunilda Weber

Larry Weiss and Debra Cooper

Roberta Wells

Hayley Wells

Ann Whatley

Kate White

Craig White and Sasha Vrtunski

Scott White and Missy Sherburne

Charles and Diane Whitehead

James and Tracey Whitehouse

Alfred and Shirley Whitesides

Katie Williams

Ryan Williams

Yetta Williams

Ed and Carla Willis

Julie Wilson and John Steele

Daniel Withrow

Monty Wooten and Cheryl Deyton

Winfield and Margaret Word-Sims

Sharon Wrenn

Adam Wright

Terry Wright

Carolyn Wright

Stephen and Valeria Wyda

Nancy Wykle

Eric and Lucinda Wykle-Rosenberg

Linda Yokum

Harry and Nancy Young

Harriet Zaidberg

Allen Zechini



*This list reflects individual and foundation donors during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

**If your name has been inadvertently left off this list or a correction needs to be made, please contact acsf@acsf.org to help us update our records.