EXPANDING HORIZONS: Multicultural books - Racial Equity Grant

expanding horizons grant application


Grant funds will be used to increase student access to and interaction with books that paint a more complete picture of our history, society, and stories. Accepting requests up to $500 for schools with 500 or fewer students, and $1000 for schools with larger student populations. 

Priority will be given to requests which:

  1. Have a solid plan for engaging students with these resources this school year.
  2. Center the narrative on the experiences of people of color, e.g., protagonists are people of color.
  3. Are written by people of color.
  4. Focus on resistance, resiliency, and empowerment as well as oppression, e.g., cultural, political, social leaders and heroes rather than solely the experiences of oppression from slavery, Trail of Tears, etc.


  1. Identify books for purchase. Ensure books are aligned by securing Principal approval.
  2. Complete form below.
  3. You have two options to receive Principal approval: 
    1.  Before submitting, right click & print. Take print version to your principal for signature & send by courier to ACSF
    2. Submit your application. Once submitted, click "edit your response" & copy the url link. Email the link to your principal for an electronic signature. 
  4. Submit form by October 30, 2018.

Grant awards will be announced by November 15, 2018.


FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT expanding horizons: multicultural books- racial Equity GRANTS:

Rebecca Abide
Development Associate & Student Scholarship Coordinator