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ACS/ACSF Fellows Program

The ACS/ACSF Fellows Program is a comprehensive approach to retaining early/mid-career professionals by allowing teachers to design and implement innovative approaches to addressing the achievement gap in their classrooms. Funding of up to $5,000 may be granted per project for 1) training, conferences, and workshops; 2) release time from the classroom, or small stipends for work in the summer; and 3) materials that support implementation of new strategies.


Fellow Responsibilities:

  1. Develop research questions and identify project goal(s)
  2. Attend 3-4 designated Fellows Workdays, one in the summer and 2-3 during the school year
  3. Implement activities, strategies, or techniques in the classroom
  4. Collect and analyze data on student learning outcomes
  5. Share project results and make informed recommendations to colleagues, district leaders, and administrators

 What do Fellows say? 

“We have a renewed hope for our ability to positively impact our disengaged students; we feel our daily work has taken on new meaning; and because of our collaboration, we feel more of a connection among specialists and classroom teachers.” -Reaching All Learners, Isaac Dickson Elementary School 
“We have become stronger teacher leaders in our schools, particularly as role models for the importance of quality science instruction. We feel more competent and confident both in and out of the classroom.” -5th Grade Science, Asheville Middle School  
“The Fellows Program has reenergized me. It has given me time to reflect, resources to transform a desire into a reality, and opportunities to interact with other visionaries. I believe that my students have been the greatest beneficiaries of the Fellows Program, and I’m a close second.” -AVID Test Prep, Asheville High School



For questions about Fellows Grants:

Miranda Musiker
Director of Grants and Scholarships