2018-19  grants TO EDUCATORS

A critical part of our work has been empowering educators through grants and Fellowships. We have partnered with Asheville City Schools (ACS) to support more than 120 teachers as Fellows and hundreds of other teachers through Innovation grants. We are so grateful for the tremendous work our ACS educators have accomplished with these resources.

Applications for these funds ARE NOW closed

change agents grant

The Change Agents grant opportunity is offered to ACS educators to address targeted equity gaps. This grant is intended to create a specific change that will address a specific problem that can be addressed with additional time and resources over a short period of time. Teams of two or more are eligible to apply with the support of principals or appropriate district leadership.

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The New Opportunities grant is offered to ACS educators to increase access to opportunities by reducing barriers, increasing understanding, and/or expanding resources. This grant can be used for racial equity training for a school staff, students, and/or families, new opportunities for students (e.g., after school programming), stipends for staff work that directly creates opportunities for students. School teams are eligible to apply with the support of principals.

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The Listening Project Grant

This grant opportunity is for AHS/SILSA faculty/staff and supporting ACS leadership. Requests are for up to $30,000/yr for three years. Proposed work should respond to the needs, concerns, and opportunities raised by students in the Listening Project report.

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For more information about grant opportunities for ACS educators contact: 

Copland Arnold Rudolph
Executive Director