Grants awarded 2019-2020



This grant opportunity provides $30,000/year for three years to fund The Writing Center at Asheville High and SILSA. This grant is aimed to respond to the needs, concerns, and opportunities raised by students in the Listening Project report. The Writing Center will create an energetic and creative space for teachers, community volunteers, UNC Asheville and Warren Wilson students to collaborate with our high school students and provide a valuable resource to support writing skills.



The New Opportunities grant for ACS educators is aimed to increase access to opportunities by reducing barriers, increasing understanding, and/or expanding resources. This grant is for up to $10,000/year for two years (the school years of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021) and is used for work that directly creates opportunities for students.

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change agents

Change Agents is a grant opportunity for ACS educators to address targeted equity gaps. This grant is for up to $5,000 and supports student or
parent-led work. This grant is intended to create a specific change that will address a specific problem that can be addressed with additional time and resources over a short period of time.

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