change agents grantees


SHINE!Lab & MakerSpace STEM Club

Providing opportunities for Asheville Primary School students to develop trust and teamwork as they unite in choice-filled creative projects. This grant supports exposure to STEM activities that will better prepare students for career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math- regardless of learning styles.

garden agents

This grant supports Asheville Primary School in the creation of a school community garden. Student participation in gardening will help to bolster academic achievement, civic and environmental engagement, and physical and mental health. Students will learn about the benefits of healthier eating and physical activity as a result of their participation.



Providing novel STEAM opportunities for students of color in the summer as they explore their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills. This grant connects students to possible college and career opportunities beyond what they are exposed to during the school year.


AVID PATH to Student Success

This grant supports Asheville Middle School as they host an AVID Path to Success school-wide training with a focus on advancing equity. Implementing AVID strategies across the campus emphasizes organization, academic mindset, and rigorous course-taking patterns; promoting successful and authentic learning for all students.


Marvelous Math Club

This grant supports Marvelous Math Club in providing an affirmative and collaborative place for students to celebrate math. Marvelous Math Club pairs math with friendship and support to build strong community and leadership skills while addressing the math achievement and opportunity gap.



This grant supports the EC Department in providing communication devices and software for our students with communication challenges, and will ensure that students with severe communication challenges are given an opportunity to receive instruction and interact with their teachers, peer, and the world. This grant will help to ensure an inclusive learning environment and equal opportunity education for all children.


For more information, contact:

Brandon Whiteside
Community Engagement Liaison