change agents grant

Applications are now closed for this grant


Change Agents is a grant opportunity for ACS educators to address targeted equity gaps. This grant is for up to $5,000 and could be used for staff summer planning, training, and/or teaching improvements. This grant can support student or parent-led work. This grant is intended to create a specific change that will address a specific problem that can be addressed with additional time and resources over a short period of time. Teams of two or more are eligible to apply with the support of principals or appropriate district leadership.

Priority given to requests That:

  1. Increase capacity of educators to address a targeted inequity

  2. Build and/or strengthen relationships between staff, teachers, and families

  3. Have the support of an invested team

  4. Increase access to information or build collaborations that will help students and families access services

  5. Utilize research and best practice, which includes collecting input from the families and/or children who will benefit from this project.

For questions about cHANGE AGENTS GRANT:

Copland Arnold Rudolph
Executive Director