Sarah Reinke, Chair of the OLLI Civic Engagement Committee

Sarah Reincke has made a lifelong commitment to volunteering. As a 16 year old, she arranged her schedule to leave school twice a week and volunteer at a preschool for deaf children. Today, Ms. Reincke gives her time in the Asheville City Schools through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). She coordinates OLLI’s Civic Engagement Committee, spreading the joy of volunteering to the over forty OLLI members who she matches with school placements. Some tutor individual students, and others assist classroom teachers. These roles are absolutely crucial in a time when many assistant roles have been cut.

Ms. Reincke herself is in her fourth year of volunteering in the schools. During three years at Asheville Middle School, She formed such a strong bond with principal Cynthia Sellinger and language arts teacher Rebecca Aldridge that she followed them when they moved to Hall Fletcher Elementary in 2016. Through her volunteering, Sarah Reinke brings passion and caring into the classroom. Her service exemplifies the transformative impact of OLLI on Asheville Cities Schools. Sarah Reincke and all the adult volunteers in OLLI’s Civic Engagement Program are helping to raise our community’s whole children.