Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community


Committed to social justice and racial equity, Janet Hurley and Tamiko Ambrose Murray knew that Asheville’s children and youth needed outlets to voice their experiences and their passions, and they recognized a need for creative programming that involved artists of color as mentors in our schools. In 2011, along with Meggen Lyon, and supported by the National Writers in the Schools Alliance and the Asheville City Schools Foundation, they founded Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community (AWITSC).

AWITSC provides innovative arts and creative writing opportunities to children, teens, and families in Asheville's schools and communities. In 2016, AWITSC launched a bi-lingual online magazine program led by youth color, Word on the Street/La Voz de Los Jovenes. AWITSC programs build imaginative expression, academic achievement, self-worth, community connections, and social change. ACSF is honored to have AWITSC as a community partner, exemplifying service to local children and families.