Champions for equity Grants 2018-2019

 The Asheville City Schools Foundation board and staff began our dive into racial equity starting in 2012. With help from experts, we revised many aspects of our board policies and practices. We changed our programmatic evaluation so that we measure all of our work with an eye to impacts on racial disparities. We have made a commitment to continue to learn and grow in our ability to champion racial equity - we know that we have a long way to go.

The four community members listed below served during pivotal years in our organizational history. Each made substantial contributions to our understanding of how best to move our organization towards greater equity. This team served as leaders together for an extended period of time, providing the organization sufficient stability to make bold changes.

We are proud to offer these grants in their names in recognition of their vision, commitment, courage, and selfless action on behalf of children in Asheville.


Debby Maugans equity grant for $5,000

Member 2012-2018
President 2015-2016

Debby is a connector. She drew people into the organization and to the board, and never missed an opportunity to advocate for the important work in which ACSF was engaged. Debby led by example, taking on whatever needed to be done. She conveyed that each member of the board is valued. Debby is both a bold truth teller, and a humble leader. Debby insisted on considering the needs of marginalized students first.



Member 2014-2018
President 2016-2017

William is a thoughtful leader and an excellent listener. His advice is always to build bridges and tread softly. He always assumes the best in others, even when that is hard to do. William has informed our understanding that the history of desegregation in Asheville has lasting hurt that we must address. 


tamiko ambrose murray equity grant for $5,000

Member 2013-2018
President 2017-2018

Tamiko wore many hats on our board, simultaneously leading, training, and challenging our board to walk our equity talk. Tamiko was critical in shaping the equity lens that our board and organization seek to apply everyday. Tamiko thoughtfully considered how the 'table' could be more inclusive, advising us on structures that would get us closer to lifting up the voices of people most impacted by racism.


missy sherburne equity grant for $5,000

Member 2013-2018
President 2017-2018

Missy has brought energy, organization, and big-picture thinking to our board. She always has an eye towards partnerships that can move the work forward. In the same moment, Missy is a doer, and she is always willing to take on whatever needs to be done. Missy was willing to have hard conversations and challenge white parents like her to check their privilege.