Mountain Allies for Public Schools

Cutting funding will bleed the life from our public schools; reduce diversity, divide communities and force cutbacks in enhanced instruction that provides each and every child with the education necessary for life.
Our long term goal is to strengthen the base of support for public education in Asheville and North Carolina by developing networks of individuals and organizations to advocate for real and lasting support of high-quality public education.

We believe:

1. Increasing teacher pay to attract, develop and retain the best teachers for our children.

2. Teaching assistants are essential to student success. An extra adult dedicated to each child’s academic and social needs increases teacher effectiveness.

3. Cutting funding will place too much pressure on local teachers and schools, reducing education to the basics when we know that children need much more to reach their full potential. 

4. Everyday miracles happen in our public schools; these transforming moments help each child grow into their potential and prepares them for success in college, career and life.


Want more information about Advocacy? Contact:

Kate Pett
Executive Director